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Organization of accounting services includes:

  •        detailed investigating of the peculiarity of your company activity at the establishing moment.
  •        taxes analyses to be paid and their quantity.
  •        creating of the reasonable legal schemes of taxation.
  •        finding the ways and methods of taxation and accounting reports which are reflected in the company accounting policy with the aim of bookkeeping and tax accounting.
  •        developing instructions for paperwork of all bookkeeping and tax accounting parts.
  •        improving accounting service structure of the company, working out regulations for accounting workers’ activity.
  •        analysis, formalization, organization, optimization of flow system document in the company including elaboration of tax accounting registers and additional bookkeeping registers
  •        reasonable organization of bookkeeping by its automation.


Bookkeeping can be done in a complex way as well as in different directions. It will be enough to professionally organize your accounting once to prevent appearing of systematic errors which could have negative impact on the financial results of your company.

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