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Accounting support and services provided according to different schemes:

  • the basis of initial documents represented by client with their further processing and formation of accounting and tax reports;
  • on the basis of the previous agreement- combine approach.

We provide accounting support, service of organizations as well as different types of accounting according to the contract.

Accounting services and support can be given constantly as well as on one occasion only.

Using our bookkeeping services you can be sure of full and in time submitting of your accounting and tax reports to different governmental organizations.

The complex of accounting services and support includes the following types of services:

      Checking availability, correct execution and accordance of the initial tax and accounting documents to the law.

       Making registers for absent initial documents; formatting tax and accounting documents; books of purchases and sales.

  •        charging of taxes and other payments.
  •        conducting analytical and synthetical accounting of all or separate chapters of the report.
  •        making registers of bookkeeping and tax accounting.
  •        drawing up bank and cash payments, personal documents.
  •        creating standard contracts with client.
  •        establishing all forms of accounting and tax records.

 Trust our professionals the accounting side of your business. If you are interested in our services, please see our standard accounting contract (contract.zip.).


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