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Compulsory audit is annual audit of book-keeping and financial statements of organization. Following institutions are subject to compulsory audit :

  •      enterprises with legal-organizing corporation form;
  •      commercial credit companies, which relate to credit unions or insurance organizations, investment funds, Asset Management companies;
  •      securities issuers (shares, loan securities etc.)
  •      organizations where the audit is set by the Law of Ukraine.

The attitude to compulsory audit as to a duty is gradually changing with the development of business. Successfully conducted audit is “a quality mark”, that shows suppliers and buyers, investors and creditors and other persons concerned, that your company has efficient audit system, that they can trust main performance measures, calculation with budget is carried out correctly and there is no risk of conflict with fiscal bodies.


Drawing up the compulsory audit contract with AF Business Rishennia Group you can be sure that accounting system examination will be carried out in accordance with our tough internal company standards, that were worked out on the basis of Ukrainian and international standards of audit.

Audit plan and program identify the type, temporary limits and volume of planned audit procedure necessary for conducting compulsory audit. Audit program is a set of instructions for auditor and also method of performance inspection and test of the necessary level of performance. It helps to pay more attention to the most problematic area of audit, to carry out compulsory audit perfectly well, dead on time and with optimal costs for a client.

Results of the audit: Audit report and written information where our specialists will provide client’s leaders with all remarks and recommendations in detail.

Ukrainian Business Rishennia Group offers all range of compulsory audit services:

  • -       joint-stock company audit
  • -       financial institutions audit(except banks)
  • -       private pension funds
  • -       issuers audit


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