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Cost of our service depends on many factors: amount of documents, state of accounting, total and qualitative indicators.

To form the cost of the service our specialists needs to carry out an express analysis of your business and documents.

Approximate costs are repr esented below:







Single consultations:



- oral, including telephone consultations;

from 200 UAH


- written (with presentation of  normative documents)

from 500  UAH 


- written with the analysis of clients primary, accounting and financial documentation and also external accounting analysis.

from 700  UAH


Subscriber consultative servicing



- oral, telephone consultations(hot line)

from 750  UAH


- written with presentation of  normative documents

from 900  UAH


- oral and written,  by visiting clients office 

from 1000 UAH 





Caring out the audit for internal and external users

Negotiable price:

1 working hour of auditor

- 200 UAH,

1  hour of assistants work - 120,00  UAH


Organization of documents flow, local audit

Negotiable price:

1  working hour of auditor

hour of auditors work

- 200 UAH,

1  working hour of assistant - 120,00 UAH


 Optimization of taxes within the framework of current legislation:

- enterprise, organization checking on the certain type of tax

- elaboration of contracts  according to the specific of the enterprise activity



from 2500 UAH 

from 1500 UAH 


Enterprise activity effectiveness optimization service :

- optimization of enterprise organization structure

- assessment and analysis of internal audit service



from 1500 UAH 

from 1200  UAH










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