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Tax audit is the most asked-for type of audit services. Tax audit is an independent audit of accounting and tax system of a company on the occasion of:

  • formation compliance of the assessment base on each type of tax with the current legislation of Ukraine, tax charges, payment of taxes and duty payment  for certain period of time
  • settlement state with budget and out of budget funds
  • accounting and tax accounting system compliance to current legislation  requirements

The aim of the tax audit is to detect mistakes in accounting and tax accounting systems and to develop measures to eliminate them. In the process of tax audit tax bases on each type of tax, which is checked are studied; tax accounting audit and tax accounts audit are carried out, both complex and certain tax audit. The information about taxpayer capability in taxation optimization is carried out and analyzed during tax accounting audit and tax accounts audit. .

The result of tax audit is the enterprise tax risk assessment and its minimization. You will get professional recommendations about the way of correction of the detected mistakes.

Each organization and each private business owner must pay taxes and duties assigned by law. Tax audit will help you to avoid tax risk and liability in the form of fine and penalty. You will have real opportunity to prevent objectionable financial effects of the tax officer inspection. Our specialists are experienced in communication with state authorities and are capable of assertion of their position in court. We are ready to accompany inspections of controlling units and to contribute to solution of disputes with tax officers in your favour.

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