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The efficiency of cooperation with independent auditor-advisers is guaranteed by their great experience in solving different problems. Our specialists give professional audit advice about different sections of accounting, taxation, law, management every day. Daily work just doesn’t leave time to be down on to the legislation that changes so often. Exactly because of this the competent specialist will not consider it shameful to ask professional audit consultation. Activity with the help of professional auditor advice, when he bears responsibility for this advice is the approach which helps to avoid perversion of financial statements, problems with rating authority or amotivational managerial decisions. Business Rishennia Group renders the following services:

  •  tax consulting
  •  bookkeeping consulting
  •   juristic consulting

 Business Rishennia Group gives professional audit consultation both in oral and written form making reference to statutory acts. It has the status of official document and clients may refere to while proving their rightness.

 Please review the sample of real consultation prepared by our specialist: consultation.pdf (86 Kb).

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