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     Business Rishennia Group provides audit services taking care about financial and economic “health” of audit’s subject. The aim of our audit services is to adjust accounting and tax accounting of our clients to current legislation requirements. Today professional tax planning of auditor, working out schemes of tax burden optimization and accounting support are in a great demand. Now providing audit services is not associated unduly with revisions of tax assessors. We provide full line of audit services adhering to principles of independence, honesty and confidentiality. Qualified help in tax assessment, management and accounting guarantee to our clients appreciable economical effects. Making compulsory audit of financial records the company Business Rishennia affords formal auditor’s report.

Audit services providing by Business Rishennia Company are followed:

  •       compulsory  Audit;
  •       tax Audit;
  •       financial Audit;
          statements consolidation;
  •       service on the regular basis;
  •       audit of Certain Operations;
  •       audit Consultations;

We offer our potential and real clients to look through standard Audit Service

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